Jeju Royal Food co., ltd.


Jeju Royal Food Inc. is a company dealing with local specialties of Jeju.

Greetings. We are Jeju Royal Food Inc. The company was established by the late Kang Suyun. We inherited the family business and grew to be a general food company. We started with the beekeeping business in 1980, and then expanded our business to the manufacturing business in 1985. The company became incorporated and have been in this business for 39 years.

Currently, we are manufacturing specialty local products, health supplements, various teas and regional products using the raw materials in Jeju. We are continuously research and development in order to provide better products.

Inheriting the tradition of our first chairman, we will do our best to serve customers.

Thank you.

Health Supplements

Various Teas

Jeju Specialties
Jeju Royal Food Inc.
CEO Jeon Seongbo

Product No.1 : Royal Palma

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